G7 Leaders commit to action to end childhood sexual violence

Survivor-led Brave Movement calls on G7 leaders to act to end childhood sexual violence

In a breakthrough moment for children and survivors of childhood violence across the world, G7 Leaders have collectively committed to action to end the global scourge of childhood sexual violence for the first time ever at the 48th G7 summit. This marks a historic step in international efforts to address childhood sexual violence and place it high on the global agenda.

We commit to step up our fight against trafficking in human beings and our efforts to prevent and combat child sexual abuse and exploitation globally, both online and offline.

From the G7 Final Communique at the 48th G7 Summit.

Today's G7 Leaders Communiqué tasks Interior Ministers to accelerate the implementation of last year's groundbreaking commitments on child sexual exploitation and abuse under the UK Presidency of the G7, including through support for the Global Partnership and Fund to End Violence Against Children.

Childhood sexual violence is an epidemic, too often a silent one, that continues to affect boys and girls across the world. This March, a group of survivors and allies came together to speak out and use their voices and experiences to help create a safer world where no child has to go through what they have.

They formed the Brave Movement – a global advocacy movement committed to ending sexual violence against children. The Movement is taking action to achieve bold and transformational laws, programmes and policies across local, regional and national levels, and in global institutions within the multilateral system.

Among its efforts to bring lasting change for children, the Brave Movement has been calling on G7 leaders to take urgent action towards prevention, healing and justice to end child sexual violence.

Their demands have included new, bold commitments, including to:

  • Mobilise US$1 billion dollars for the established Global Partnership and Fund to End Violence Against Children
  • Scale prevention, healing and justice programmes in low- and middle-income countries
  • Commit to legislate on child-rights-driven end-to-end encryption to ensure a safer digital world 
  • Establish a Survivors Council as an advisory board to help inform G7 policy
  • Develop and implement National Action Plans and strategies to end childhood sexual violence 

The Brave Movement’s petition, led by 9 survivors calling for action from the G7 has been signed by over 72,000 people.

Watch the Brave Movement Panel present powerful calls to action at the Together to #ENDviolence Leaders’ Event – one of the most diverse and influential groups that have ever come together solely to focus on ending violence against children.  


View the G7 call to action and read about the first #BeBrave Global Survivors Action Summit


Image: Charlein Gracia / Unsplash