End Violence Fund Grantee Convening: Report and Learnings


After three years of grant-making, the Fund held its first grantee convening from 8-10 December 2019 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. End Violence has just released a convening report and video that recaps the event, highlighting the learnings, solutions and challenges that were brought to light over the course of the event.

About the Grantee Convening

The grantee convening provided a platform for organisations across the world to come together, share their resources and experiences, and strengthen the field of child online safety. Nearly 50 individuals attended the convening, representing 38 grantee organisations from 33 projects.

In addition, the convening was attended by three End Violence Fund donors and other relevant stakeholders interested in the field of preventing and ending online violence against children. Throughout the convening, participants strategised how to better collaborate across sectors, enhance their ability to engage industry, and measure and communicate results in their work to end online child sexual exploitation and abuse (CSEA). Through presentations, panel discussions, breakout sessions, gallery walks, and networking, participants were able to share ideas, articulate challenges, voice concerns, consider solutions, and initiate or build upon existing collaboration. Grantees also reflected on the inter-linkages and overlaps between new forms of abuse facilitated by technologies and other forms of violence against children, as well as on the latest technological tools and innovative practices to protect children online.

The convening was a remarkable contribution to a field of organisations working to tackle online CSEA, bringing together organisations working at global, regional and national levels. The convening also enabled new streams of collaboration in multiple areas, such as connecting those working on law enforcement capacity to new investigative tools or linking those who work on education to reporting and helpline expertise.

Get an overview of the grantee convening by downloading the report.