Back to School, Build Back Better: Resources from Safe to Learn Partners

Safe to Learn

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Below, you will find resources developed by Safe to Learn partner organisations and others for use during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reopening Schools Safely: Recommendations for building back better to end violence against children in and through schools
Created by the Safe to Learn partners, these messages are based off the Safe to Learn Call to Action and build off the Framework for Reopening Schools. They aim to support governments to integrate and strengthen measures to prevent and respond to violence against children in and through schools.

CREATED BY: Safe to Learn partners


Education Sector Issue Notes: Crisis-sensitive educational planning
Key tips and messages for designing policies and programmes to support rapid response efforts, and provide mid-and longer-term, multi-risk and sustainability-oriented approaches to strengthen risk reduction capacities in the education sector, including through prevention, preparedness, and mitigation activities.



UNICEF Back-to-School Guide: Evidence-Based Strategies to Resume Education in Emergencies and Post-Crisis Transition (2013)
Evidence-based strategies to resume education in emergencies and post-crisis transition



Framework for reopening schools, April 2020
Guidelines aimed to inform the decision-making process regarding school reopening, support national preparations and guide the implementation process, as part of overall public health and education planning processes.

CREATED BY: UNICEF, UNESCO, the World Bank, the World Food Programme


Safe Back to School Practitioners Guide
Endorsed by the Global Education Cluster and the Child Protection Area of Responsibility as inter-agency guidance on the return to school. The guide builds on the UN Framework for Reopening Schools and provides concrete actions that can be taken to operationalise global policy recommendations.

CREATED BY: Global Education Cluster and Child Protection Area of Responsibility


COVID-19: Integration of Child Protection in Return to School
UNICEF EAPRO developed a package of Back-to-School messages to ensure that measures to prevent and respond to violence and address mental health concerns are integrated into the Return to School agenda, including:

CREATED BY: UNICEF East Asia and Pacific Regional Office


Should We Reopen Schools? A Child-Centred Position for Uganda
Raising Voices, a Safe to Learn grantee, developed a position piece on the reopening of schools in Uganda, putting children's welfare, safety, and rights at the center of the discussion.