United Arab Emirates

Pathfinding country since 2018

Population of children under 18


Lead governing body for ending violence against children

Ministry of Foreign Affairs + Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood (SCMC)

Lead coordinating body

Temporarily, there’s task force From 4 ministries: education, health, community development, interior plus to SCMC and UNICEF

Current national action plan to end violence against children

No Data

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Prevalence Data

Experiencing violent
in the past month



Before age 18
Children experiencing
physical violence



Before age 18
Children experiencing
sexual violence



11-15 year olds
Experienced bullying in the past 30 days



13-15 year olds
involved in physical fighting in the past 12 months



Prevalence data is based on available information gathered from partner databases and reports as of November 2021. Due to differences in survey design, data from National VAC Surveys may not be internationally comparable.

  milestones and progress  

United Arab Emirates

Milestones and progress

Government commitments

Pathfinding Country

  • Appointed governing body or focal point for violence against children
  • Appointed lead coordinating body

Bans on corporal punishment in all settings

Safe fo Learn Call to Action endorser

Signatory to the WeProtect Global Alliance

Source: WPGA

Launch and dissemination of national data

Data collected on prevalence of violence against children

Global Status Report country profile

Progress of National Action Plan (NAP)

National action plan




Involved children in the development process

Includes at least 4 INSPIRE strategies

Includes child online safety

Includes a school-based violence prevention plan

Published evaluation of NAP

Education Sector Plans embeds violence prevention

Voluntary National Review on SDG 16.2 as part of the

High-level Political Forum

Most recent voluntary National Reviews included reference to violence against children

Access the UAE’s 2018 Voluntary National Review

Reporting and response portal

Helplines to report online child sexual abuse material

Source: IWF and INHOPE