End Violence Lab

The End Violence Lab is a collaboration between the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children and The University of Edinburgh.

As part of the larger End Violence Partnership, we serve Pathfinding Countries and Cities in their mission to improve the lives of children by harnessing data, evidence and learning. Our goals align: towards the SDGs, through INSPIRE and with children everywhere.

The EV Lab works with national and local leaders to co-design people-centred and solutions-oriented processes for change in the field of violence prevention. We work across four broad areas, maintaining core values that keep us nimble, user-centred and solution-oriented.

CODESIGN We coordinate leadership development at the global, regional and national levels with long term accompaniment to ensure strong planning for the implementation of INSPIRE strategies.

Highlight from 2019

Overwhelmingly, policymakers and practitioners acknowledge that leadership is key to sustaining violence prevention programming on the ground. To support this effort, in September 2019, End Violence hosted the Leadership Development Programme in Edinburgh, Scotland. The primary objective of the Leadership Development Programme was to convene an international, multi-sectoral delegation of senior-level influencers from committed Pathfinding Countries and Cities to strengthen and accelerate the work of ending violence against children. The week-long event including participation in the Global Implementation Conference, accompanied by intensive mentoring, provided delegates with opportunities for broadening and strengthening skills, thinking, planning, co-learning, resourcing and networking.  

The delegation was a really worthwhile experience for me – knowing that I am not alone in this endeavour for our children, and that, even if we are anywhere across the globe, we can help each other. It opened me to new horizons as well as other possibilities. 

A Pathfinding delegate from the Philippines

We facilitate access to data, innovative methodologies and outcome mapping and child-led measures to build multi-sectoral engagement that reflects national and local contexts.

We curate evidence-based solutions in policy and practice for the End Violence Knowledge Platform, documenting and celebrating frontline, on-the-ground organisations who are creating change.

We recognise peer-to-peer learning as essential and encourage knowledge exchange through multiple types of participatory fora around INSPIRE; we promote national university hubs for VAC research and training.

A mother kisses her baby.