Pathfinding countries are those whose government leaders do two things:

  1. Make a formal, public commitment to comprehensive action to end all forms of violence against children; and
  2. Request to become a Pathfinder within the Global Partnership.

Within 18 months of Pathfinding status being confirmed by the End Violence Secretariat, Pathfinding country governments are expected to:

  1. Appoint a senior government focal point to lead the in-country process;
  2. Convene and support a multi-stakeholder group;
  3. Collect, structure and analyse data on VAC;
  4. Develop an evidence-based and costed National Action Plan (NAP) that sets commitments for 3-5 years, and a related resource mobilization plan; and
  5. Consult with children and adhere to Partnership standards on child participation.

The Partnership currently has 24 Pathfinding countries. To achieve SDG 16.2 by 2030, many more countries need to begin planning to take comprehensive action to end violence against children. Any country which meets the Pathfinding criteria will be invited to join the Partnership.

  1. Armenia
  2. Brazil
  3. Canada
  4. Cote d'Ivoire
  5. El Salvador
  6. Georgia
  7. Honduras
  8. Indonesia
  9. Jamaica
  10. Japan
  11. Mexico
  12. Mongolia
  13. Montenegro 
  14. Nigeria
  15. Paraguay
  16. Peru
  17. Philippines 
  18. Romania 
  19. South Africa
  20. Sri Lanka
  21. Sweden
  22. Tanzania
  23. UAE 
  24. Uganda