Yayasan Karampuang

Karampuang Foundation is a non-governmental organization that was founded in 2005, consisting of young people from various disciplines. Karampuang Foundation is in the development in all fields to achieve the common good.

The vision of Karampuang Foundation is "the realization of a prosperous and empowered society by promoting gender equality and vulnerable groups through the approach of local independence."

The mission of the Karampuang Foundation is:

  • Improving Gender Welfare and Quality of Life for Women and Children.
  • Making local religious and cultural values ​​as guidelines and sources of wisdom in improving the quality and order of people's lives.
  • Realizing the democratization of community access in developing human resources for people living below the poverty line and strengthening socio-cultural and economic development wisdom.
  • Strive for the opening of broad employment opportunities through productive businesses supported by the provision of adequate facilities and infrastructure built on the consideration of justice, transparency and professionalism.
  • Expanding partners across sectors, so that good, sustainable and full-scale governance is realized in order to create an independent society.
  • Increasing efforts to protect children through increased awareness, knowledge and ability of the community and improving the quality of the environment that provides opportunities, support and freedom for child protection mechanisms.

Countries Involved