Victoria por Victoria AC

Who we are Conscious citizens about the situation in our country, seeking a change of goals and conciousness who take us into an evolution as a country, taking for sure the answer is in every child of our nation. Mission Create tools to make a citizen awakening about the importance of the Childrens rights. Vision A society with quality services and citizens commited with their welfare. STRATEGIES 1.- Victoria por Victoria créate a conference named “Strenghtening your Kids” wich seeks to inform parents strategies and tools for parenthood and avoid a conflictive childs youth. 2.- Right now we are implemmenting this conference on schools and public events, besides we are invited by volunteers who brings 10 or 15 guests in his house to hear the message. 3.- At this moment we are creating a human net on spreading the message and working with families who wants to get more information on how to change his ancient way of education. ALLIES -We got some local business as allies in our labour, besides our volunteers. -About our government we are validate by the Social Development Institute which is the offcie who controls the ONGs. -We are in a process of validation and collaboration with: -Integral Protection of the child System for Tamaulipas. -Human Rights Comission for Tamaulipas. -Tamaulipas University. -Social Welfare office in Tamaulipas

Countries Involved