TrustElevate is a technology solution which aims to solve challenges to the protection of children online and make the internet a safer place for kids. We are the first company globally to make it possible to verify a parent-child relationship, age-check children and obtain parental consent.

In checking children's ages, we want to make sure that businesses can deliver age-appropriate content and services to children who can, in turn, be safe and secure in the knowledge that they're learning, playing and growing in online environments tailored to suit them. Parents, too, can be assured that their kids are protected online. Our parental relationship and consent verification also enables robust digital parenting, so parents can grant, deny and even pause their child's access to online services.

TrustElevate also enables companies and payment processors to comply with regulatory requirements regarding children and their data, building trust between government and companies as well as parents and kids. Our solution is making the internet a safer environment for children, building trust between all stakeholders and facilitating a more robust digital ecosystem and economy.

Countries Involved