Trailblazers Mentoring Foundation

Trailblazers Mentoring Foundation (TMF) is a fully registered non-governmental organisation that was started as an initiative in 2013 by former child mothers who turned their negative experience into a positive action. TMF Programmes apply a feminist and evidence based approaches that challenge the status quo of inequality and discrimination against women and girls. The organisation's mandate is to provide promote gender equality and empower adolescent girls and young women through holistic programs that address their critical needs, while putting greater emphasis on ending teenage pregnancy, child marriages, and supporting girls to stay in school and complete school. The Organization envisions a generation where all girls are in school, empowered and enjoying their childhood.

The mission of TMF is to contribute towards increased retention of girl children in schools through ending teenage pregnancy and child marriages in Uganda. TMF is a member of the Gender Technical working group in Ministry of Education and Sports, the Inter-sectoral Committee on Violence Against Children, the National Menstruation Hygiene Management Committee, the Adolescent Working Group, and National Child Participation Committee. As a member of these forums, the organisation has participated and contributed to the review of various national policies, supported in the dissemination of national polices on violence against children, and shared experiences and learning from each other.

Countries Involved