Somali Humanitarian and Development Action

Somali Humanitarian and Development Action (SODA) is a registered local non-governmental, non-political, non-religious and non-profit making relief and development organization established in July 2013 committed to help and improving the living standards of marginalized rural communities and vulnerable groups of people living in South Central Somalia through action and collaboration.

SOHDA focuses on building human capacity in order to sustain and strengthen and promote human rights culture, peace building processes, good governance and leadership initiatives and undertake humanitarian crisis in south/central Somalia. SOHDA has good relations with the local communities, Somalia Federal Government Lines and a good reputation with project beneficiaries.

The organization is functionally operating in South-central Zone of Somalia, particularly, Middle Shabelle, Lower Shabelle, Banadir and Hiran regions as main areas of SOHDA humanitarian operations with its head office in Mogadishu, field office in Jowhar, Middle Shabelle region. SOHDA has earned a reputation among their local supporting groups for the highest quality work – for accountability, sustainability, responsibility and sensitivity. This organization is highly respected, and as a result, is able to achieve success where no other organization can.

Countries Involved