Saffron Social Development Global Foundation

Saffron Social Development Global Foundation (SaffronSDGF) is a social development people-oriented non-government organisation, with a specific interest in building better societies across nations, raising standards, protecting children and improving lives for better outcomes for society. We engage with communities, adding value to the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged children, women, girls, the elderly, youth and communities; delivering social interventions and preventative services to ensure all children are supported to develop in an environment where they feel secure, safe, and are able to meet all their aspirations and develop their potentials for better outcomes; contributing to sustainable improvements of economic, social and environmental circumstances.

As a leading stakeholder at the forefront of safeguarding and child protection in Lagos State and Nigeria as a whole. Over the last three years, owing to Saffron's advocacy for the ‘Safeguarding Agenda and Enhanced Child Protection Systems’, the Lagos State Ministry of Justice Sub-Committee for Child Protection and Children’s Rights was commissioned and Saffron was invited to sit on the group. SaffronSDGF passionately continues to promote and advocate for the Safeguarding Agenda to be enshrined in all agencies, especially in schools and essentially that all schools have a Designated Safeguarding Officer amongst other deliverables.

Countries Involved