Refugee Welfare Organsation Cameroon (REWAC)

Refugee Welfare Association Cameroon (REWAC) is a humanitarian organization registered under Cameroon law in March 2009. Its mandate includes the promotion, protection and enforcement of the rights of the over 948, 000 refugees, asylum seekers and internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Cameroon, including children, the elderly, women and persons living with disabilities, as enshrined in International law. This is done through the provision of pro-bono legal assistance to refugees passing through the status determination (RSD) process, direct food assistance, psychosocial support, empowerment projects, health care and nutrition, as well as the training and education of the children of vulnerable migrants.

MISSION: To provide quality humanitarian assistance at the grassroots level in favour of the empowerment and the achievement of sustainable livelihood amongst vulnerable migrants.

VISION: REWAC envisions a community where the voices of vulnerable migrants are articulated, and their lives are productive, fulfilling and valued.

FUNCTIONING: As of the 31st of December 2019, REWAC is run by a team of 20 persons-mostly volunteers, for her operations, working in the various areas of advocacy, logistics, fundraising, and administration. Local partnerships too have been built, which have facilitated the organization to implement a number of projects in the past in her service delivery. REWAC is also a member of some international Networks notably the International Detention Coalition (IDC), CIVICUS, the Global Network of Civil Society Organizations for Disaster Reduction (GNDR), and the Post Return Monitoring Network (PDMN), amongst others.

Countries Involved