Refugee Friends Care Organization

The Refugee Friends Care Organization (RFC) is a registered Ugandan non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting the respect and non-violation of human rights, the rights of refugees and the rights of marginalized groups.

RFC works with and for both urban and rural refugees aged 12 – 40 who are at particularly high-risk and are in critical need of interventions that help them recover from their experiences and fill social and economic gaps.

Their vision is to create better futures where justice, peace, education, health, dignity, freedom and the preservation of the environment are promoted and sustainably supported. Mission To promote the respect and non-violation of the fundamental human rights, the rights of refugees and marginalized groups. Their activities include:

  • Helping child refugees access basic education, health care, nutritional care, parental care so that in future they can be self-reliant.
  • Sensitising refugees on preventing sexually transmitted infections like HIV/AIDS.
  • Raising public awareness of human rights violations.
  • Providing free-of-charge legal assistance to asylum-seekers and refugees who otherwise could not afford paying for legal services.
  • Undertaking local actions alone or together with grassroots refugee and minority groups to further promote equality and opportunities for all, especially for those in the most disadvantaged communities.
  • Equipping marginalized youth with the training, support and funding they need to build successful, scalable businesses and become the job creators of the future and thus become self-sufficient.
  • Ensuring marginalised young entrepreneurs are aware of and participate in national, regional and international business forums, conferences, seminars and competitions.

Countries Involved