Puerta Abierta IAP

Puerta Abierta IAP was established as a nonprofit organization in September 2004, it opened a children's home in Queretaro with a program of care and training that seeks to change the fate of girls that have suffered domestic violence and have been separated from their families as they were at risk, inviting them to live in a house under a family model, with an emphasis in quality education, food security, psychological care, but above all, a loving home to accompany them to design their life project.

Mission: To empower children and youth to prevent violence.

Vision: To create opportunities for life breaking chains of violence


  1. Care and rehabilitation of children who suffered violence through a program of comprehensive care that helps them strengthen their emotional and physical state not to repeat the patterns of violence in families they’re forming in their adult life and enable them to create a positive life project.
  2.  Prevention of violence through educational programs and workshops for parents, teachers and students to reduce violence giving them tools to respond to conflict without violence.

Our program PAXIA® has been awarded in 2018 with the Razón de Ser award for the best educational peacebuilding program in México."

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