PSS Educational Development Society

P.S.S. Educational Development Society (People Social Service and Educational Development Society) in an NGO in India


  • Educate and organize YOGA, the marginalized sections into groups and National Integration
  • Enable them to have Freedom of thought and action, water, education, and peacebuilding
  • Enable them to take charge of their own development to share the resources equally.
  • Empower them to claim their share in Communal Harmony, Human Rights awareness.


  • To enrich the personal life of the rural poor people and S.C., S.T., people for providing opportunities for adult education, physical culture peacebuilding recreation.
  • To improve the occupational and Technical knowledge of poor people for raising their efficiency and increasing livelihood water conservation, consumer protection.
  • To organize programmes of Educational, Environmental, YOGA, Health National Integration etc.,
  • To develop skills in identifying socials, plants motivation communication and organisation in order to sharpen them capabilities required to perform various functions associated with their present and future roles. Communal harmony awareness
  • To improve the health and nutritional status of rural children women and physically handicapped.
  • Social mobilization of the poor towards self-sufficiency.
  • Education and organizing the poor into action groups.
  • Building peoples institutions (Financial and Social) for sustainable development.
  • Initiation Microentrepreneurship for the economic growth of the poor.
  • To improve Health and Nutritional aspects to minimize child mortality, Anti – natal mortality and to minimize malnourishment among children.
  • Organizing women into action groups and encouraging thrift & credit programmes
  • To promote and help the farmers on sustainable Agriculture and eco-friendly activities.
  • Initiating child development activities for building healthy and responsible future generation.

Countries Involved