Organization for Social, Cultural, Awareness and Rehabilitation (OSCAR)

OSCAR works to promote the rights of children and women. The organisation is also a flagship and pioneer of teaching non-violence in Afghanistan. The philosophy of teaching non-violence is to educate target groups that conflict is a natural phenomenon and we need to deal with it in a logical and rational way, which is non-violence. We teach our target groups that they can become the actual change in society.

If they want to make changes in the system or their environment, they need to become that change themselves. Our strategy towards ending violence against children is to educate youths, civil society activists and teachers in the negative consequences of violence against children and justify the fair treatment of children on the basis of culture. We mainly conduct short term workshops and discussion about the negative consequences of violence against children and its impact on the future of children and society. We also raise awareness to prevent vulnerable children from joining insurgencies and extreme groups.

Countries Involved