OLSHO works to support Maasai women, children, girls and youth in Kenya. The organisation's main activities include:

  • Community-based support: The advantage of this strategy is that it ensures that community members and orphans and vulnerable children are supported in their own communities through a process of community sensitization and participatory sensitization to the importance of the community taking the lead in the project planning and implementation. This approach also generates community ownership and builds community competence in care and support. As much as possible, the project will identify existing community coping mechanisms and build or enhance these.
  • Advocacy: This strategy will be used to ensure that stigma and discrimination against, women, orphans and people living with AIDS (PLWHA) is reduced and that their rights and needs are protected, including their rights to property.
  • Capacity-building: This is the backbone of any project and will be provided across all levels of the participants of the project. This includes beneficiaries, staff and the community at large, particularly community volunteers. In particular, the project will strengthen the capacity of OLSHO as a CBO, to plan, implement, monitor and evaluate programs.

Countries Involved