MakeANoise Community Safety

MakeANoise Community Safety is a grassroots startup project that won the first Launch Namibia Start-Up Award for 2019.

MakeANoise Community Safety's vision is that all Namibian women, children and most vulnerable to feel safe at home and in public spaces. The project focusses on the prevention of Gender-Based Violence, Child Abuse and Rape. We offer preventative educational programmes such as Child Abuse Prevention and Gender Violence Prevention programmes and advocate for service delivery to children who have suffered trauma and abuse to receive healing. Our goal is to empower children and preventing that they become gender-based violence victims or perpetrators.

Our programmes involves parents and community at large to raise awareness of sexual and violence and to teach parenting skills related to protecting children and detecting signs of abuse. The goal is to change community attitudes which allow the sexual abuse of women and children to occur. Our programmes are aligned with safety tools, such as the MakeANoise Personal Safety Alarm which the project makes available to safeguard women, children and the most vulnerable in society. 

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