KOTHOWAIN (Vulnerable People's Development Organisation)

The KOTHOWAIN Organization (Vulnerable People’s Development Organisation) was established in 2003 to respond to issues of extreme poverty, low literacy rate, social and political conflict, eroding cultural identity, and high incidence of human rights violations among the indigenous peoples in the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh.

Kothowain is a Tripura word meaning ‘Hope for Survival.' The organisation was officially registered as a non-government and non-political voluntary development organisation in the Social Service Department of Bangladesh Government in 2007. The organization aims to develop the socio-economic conditions of the most vulnerable and underprivileged people in the Hill Tracts. Through the years, KOTHOWAIN has strived to build the capacities of the communities to manage and implement projects in a sustainable manner, have a voice in decision making, and dignity as a people. This has been achieved in partnership with local, national and international agencies as well as government institutions.

Countries Involved