Hope Orphan's Education Support

Hope Orphans Education Support (HOES) is a civil society organization which operates in Tanzania. The organisation was established to bring relief to central and local governments in mainland Tanzania by improving the condition of all marginalised groups and solving the problems they face. 

Their mission is to provide opportunities to all vulnerable children, women and disable people in the community in order to empower and make them better future citizens gauged by their own member of the community. To do this, HOES:

  • Advocates for equal opportunity to education for all orphans and vulnerable children and other marginalized groups;
  • Finds and provides shelter for orphans and vulnerable children;
  • Supports pregnant women and children with mosquitoes nets to prevent malaria;
  • Provides education about environmental conservation by planting trees and sharing information on water pollution and sources of water;
  • Provides nursery and primary school sponsorship to orphans and disadvantaged children, with a special focus on girls;
  • Among other activities.

Countries Involved