Global Religion for Children Foundation - Tanzania

The Global Religions for Children Foundation Tanzania (GRCF) is a unique Local non-governmental organization with objectives to serve the community in all aspects namely understanding to support, promote and defend the fundamental human rights of all children irrespective of their status, gender, sex, and nationality, religious or political beliefs. GRCF Tanzania, formerly known as The Global Network of Religion for Children Tanzania (the Program of Myochikai Foundation) from 2008 to 2019 is a member of a global-scale interfaith network of organization and individuals specifically dedicated to securing the rights and well-being of children known as Arigatou International-GNRC situated in Nairobi, Kenya. GNRC Tanzania (the Program of Myochikai Foundation), was changed to GRCF Tanzania following the guidance by the Laws of the United Republic of Tanzania NGO Act 2002.

After further restructuring, GRCF received her new Certificate of registration as Local NGO on January 06, 2020, as provided by the NGO Act 2002 act (amendments) regulations 2018 with registration number 00NGO/R/0875.  GRCF Tanzania’s vision is to make sure “A Tanzania society where children are safe, have the rights to survive, treasure and thrive to change the community positively, while GRCF Tanzania’s Mission is to empower ordinary people at the grass-root level to make unique contributions to the realization of every child’s rights to attain full physical, mental, emotional, moral and social development, which can only take place in a caring and protective environment.

Undeniably, due to the presence of violence against children and the sobering realities of violence taking many, GRCF is committed to creating a Tanzania Community where every Child and Youth can grow up safe and sound where their rights are protected by educating them on their rights as children, youth civic responsibility to maintain peace and empower them through formal and informal education with the skills to attain peace. GRCF works with faith-based groups, civil society organizations, governments, United Nations agencies, media and like-minded people to achieve its goals. Also, we reaffirm our responsibility to educate our leaders and communities about the different forms of violence against children deploy resources to prevent and address it within and beyond our community and contribute towards human development. 

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