Friends International Center Against Bullying

Friends International Center Against Bullying (FICAB) was established in 2013. The centre is not only a meeting point for all those working against bullying, but it is also a knowledge centre and the organizational home for Friends’ operations in other countries. The centre, located in Sweden, consists of three cornerstones: research, education and guidance. Friends International Center strives to be the link between academic research and daily practice, and our methods are constantly developed in cooperation with researchers. The centre derives from the work of Friends, a non-profit NGO established in 1997. Each year, Friends conducts 1500 trainings and meets and trains over 46 000 teachers, parents and children in how they can prevent bullying online and offline. Friends is an organization focused on sharing knowledge and has an interdisciplinary approach, with the conviction that multiple disciplines can contribute to a better understanding of why bullying occurs. Friends also does advocacy work to strengthen children’s rights in society and to raise awareness about the importance of stopping bullying and discrimination among children and youth. Through Friends International Center, Friends has expanded its work into the United States and Lithuania, and the centre collaborates with several organizations, universities, networks and organizations on a global level.

Countries Involved