Foundation for Innovative Social Development

The mission of FISD is to provide innovative solutions for sustainable social development through meaningful methodologies to our stakeholders to create a dynamic civil society with justice and equity. FISD implements three programmes, including the Child Rights Protection and Promotion (CRPP) programme, Gender and Development (GAD) Programme and The Alcohol, Drugs and Development (ADD) programme.

FISD encourages civil society participation and social mobilization in the empowerment towards the enhancement of the status of women, a healthy environment for child development, and a society free from alcohol, tobacco and drugs. The core values of FISD are to improve the lifestyles of its stakeholders, partners and public through working towards social development using evidence-based knowledge, community participation and empowerment to promote justice and peace. FISD believes in empowering children along with their families on a rights-based approach for child protection and development.

Countries Involved