Equipe Pastorale Auprès des Enfants en Détresse (EPED)

Pastoral Team for Children in Distress (EPED) was created in September 1999 as a Christian organisation to solve the problems of orphans and other vulnerable children and their families in the Democratic Republic of Congo by providing them with a set of coherent services and collective attainments of an educational, social and health nature. It is about giving each child at risk the means to face the difficult situations in which they may find themself by social action and the gospel.

EPED is deep-rooted and has evolved in the local communities of the Democratic Republic of Congo, in Kinshasa the capital and in the three provinces: Bandundu, Bas Congo, and Equateur following their awareness of the problems facing Congolese children and parents.

The mission of the Pastoral Team for Children in Distress (EPED) is to prevent all forms of abuse and exploitation in families and in society in general.

The vision of the EPED is a Congolese community in which every child is loved, healthy, educated, safe and free to realize all the potential that God has given him.

The Pastoral Team for Children in Distress states that every child is created in the image of God. He or she is a subject who acts, builds and shapes his knowledge to become a citizen, parent and productive member of society.

Our most ardent wish is shown in the way we can work together to give hope to vulnerable children in Democratic Republic of Congo through a strong and accountable partnership.

Able with the Operating Authorization No. MIN.AFF.SOC / CAB.MIN / 089/2002 granted by the Minister of Social Affairs and the Certificate of Official Registration under number F.92 / 10241 of the Ministry of Justice, EPED is headquartered in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, in the town of N'sele, located at Bafika Street No. 36-38 in Mpasa District 2. Phone: (00243) 815 018 387; (00243) 819 905 789. RDC.

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