The Directorate of Lay Development and Leadership Training of the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria

To empower all marginalised persons and groups in the church towards self-sustenance and productive living; to assist the laity in the church in understanding the faith, life and witness of the church; of Jesus Christ; to assist the church in highlighting Reformed perspectives of intra-religious and inter-religious conversations; to identify and harness the hidden talents and potentials of the laity and clergy with the view to directing them towards the total development of the church and society; to identify, assess and access new opportunities for lay training and development; to support the establishment of Lay Development Centers in parishes, presbyteries and synods with the view to assisting the laity in skills acquisition, talent-shaping and rural development; to identify, encourage and assist the laity to assume leadership and to develop their potential as leaders in service to the parish and the mission of the church to the world.

Countries Involved