Cybersmarties Ltd

Cybersmarties is the first safe social network training platform developed specifically for primary school children. Its purpose is to introduce children aged 7 to 12 years to the world of social media in a protected safe environment so that they learn the key skills in how to interact with others in a positive manner.

CyberSmarties is a locked-down, fully monitored and fully functional social network for children only and is the first social network to authenticate each child as a real child.

Cybersmarties has been awarded the An Garda Siochána (National Police Force in Ireland) patent for safety and is the first social network in the world to be endorsed by a national police force.

CyberSmarties’ mission is to change how children use social media so that the next generation will begin the necessary evolution to make social networks become a place for people to safely learn, engage and talk to each other from around the world.

Countries Involved