Childline Thailand Foundation

Childline Thailand Foundation (CTF)runs a nationwide 24-hour telephone helpline with an easy to remember number – 1387. Childline provides its services for any child under the age of 18. The foundation works with various government and NGO stakeholders to safeguard the rights of every child as outlined by the United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of a Child (CRC). Over one hundred countries worldwide have their own child helplines and many others are in the process of starting one. Helplines for children across the world have demonstrated their effectiveness by providing direct assistance to children in need and making comfort, help and emotional support immediately available.

The Call Centre

The Childline Thailand call centre, located in Bangkok, handles cases from all over the country. Staff in the call centre are ready to take phone calls and online messages 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The call centre is the direct link between children and support services and is, therefore, fundamental to the success of our work.

The Hub

Since January 2011 The Hub has offered much-needed support to children and teenagers in the centre of Bangkok. The youth club is a beautiful and inspiring, open-planned building in the Pomprab district. Ideally located, it is just 5 minutes walk from Hualampong Railway Station.


Childline Thailand Foundation has been fundamental in the development of child protection issues and will continue advocating for child rights issues through all levels of Thai society. We support the UN Child Rights Convention that stipulates all of the intrinsic freedoms that should be granted to children, independent of their abilities, physical appearance, background or spiritual beliefs. The Thai Government signed the CRC in 1992. It took a number of years following the ratification for necessary action to be taken in Thailand but a very important piece of legislation materialized based on the CRC – The Child Protection Act of 2003. Since then it has formed the foundation for building a whole new system and standard for child protection in Thailand.


Case management, training and conferences

Countries Involved