Charity Organization

Charity is a civil society organization which formed in 2005 in Mwanza region Tanzania. The idea of forming Charity came due to the concern of lack of the own spirit of individuals and communities within the Lake Victoria Basin of managing the environment and escalating poverty.

Charity aims to promote meaningful participation of communities in environmental conservation management in the Lake Victoria Basin. It also works to build communities' capacity to address poverty and livelihoods challenges. 

The organization empowers communities on initiating income-generating activities for reducing poverty and building confidence and skills to communities on environmental conservation management practices. The organization's mission is contributing towards the sustainable and clean environment within the Lake Victoria basin through involvement and participation of communities while the vision of the organization is “to have a safe and clean environment to realize healthy and prosperous communities. The main objective is to promote meaningful environmental management and socio-economic development through community empowerment and participation.

Countries Involved