Burundi Child Rights Coalition

Burundi Child Rights Coalition (BCRC) is a registered platform created to promote human rights and open membership committed to credibly support the fulfilment human rights of with a specific focus on children’s. BCRC take lead in coordinating CSO initiatives to support the Government in its efforts to implement the Law of the Child Act, international and regional child rights instruments and the recommendations of international and regional child rights treaty.

BCRC hosts the national coalition Global Call to Action Against Poverty Burundi "GCAP - Burundi." Specifically, the BCRC intentions are:

  • To strength capacity for civil society organization members engaging on evidence-based lobbying and advocacy matters at the national level and other policy to enhance the respect and protection of the rights of children;
  • To coordinate CSOs engaged in protection and promotion of child rights in Burundi; and
  • To increase the effectiveness of monitoring and reporting on the implementation of CRC and ACWRC East Africa Community Child Policy at the national level.

Countries Involved