African Partners for Child Poverty (APPCO)

African Partners for Child Poverty (APPCO) is a rights-based child-focused NGO that supports and works with local communities, civil society organizations and government to meet social protection, reproductive health, livelihoods/nutrition and safe learning needs of vulnerable children.

Since 2010, its mission has been to work and support vulnerable communities and to promote and protect human rights for collective action towards zero child poverty. Our programming principle is to address the plight of deprived, excluded and vulnerable children and women in the communities where we operate.

APPCO operates under the umbrella of four key thematic areas. These themes portray the most common societal needs and vulnerabilities that households are frequently exposed to namely:

  • Protection of the rights of children and women;
  • Promotion of reproductive health for young people;
  • Livelihoods improvement and natural resource management;
  • Promotion of good governance, peace and security based on justice.

Countries Involved