Why is Honduras so violent – and what can we do to change that? with Mark Connolly

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In Honduras, two children are murdered every single day. The country’s rates of violence are illustrative of trends across the region: though Latin America is home to just 8 per cent of the world's population, one-third of all global homicides are reported there.

In this podcast, End Violence speaks with Mark Connolly, the UNICEF Representative of Honduras, about the complex reality of violence in the Central American country – and the reasons behind homicide, gang and community violence in Latin American countries. After decades of working not just in Honduras, but also in Panama and Jamaica, Connolly’s insight is critical in exploring what works to prevent violence in the most challenging of circumstances.


Is it actually possible to end violence against children? In a new series from the End Violence Partnership, we explore the answer to that question by talking to those on the frontlines – the experts, researchers and leaders that have dedicated their lives to keeping children safe.

INSPIRING Ways to End Violence Against Children will take you from Honduras, where two children are murdered every day, to South Africa, where in some districts, up to 99 per cent of children have experienced or witnessed abuse. By featuring the experts working on these challenges, this series will spread knowledge of what works to prevent violence – and ensure solving this problem remains a top priority for governments, communities and organisations across the world.

This podcast is part of the Together for #EndViolence global campaign and Solution Summit series.

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