Spare the Child – An Intimate Exploration of the Emotional Impacts of Childhood Corporal Punishment

Date: May 26, 2021
Time: 7-8:30pm New York
Address: Online
Organizer: Justice Film Collective

The persistence of corporal punishment and its acceptance may reflect adults’ difficulties in taking the perspectives of children. Research on children’s emotional experiences of corporal punishment is rare. We seldom have opportunities to hear from children themselves how these experiences affect them. In this session, a new documentary will be shown on the emotional impact of corporal punishment on children. Spare the Child is the first film of its kind. Through interviews with three survivors of childhood corporal punishment, it reveals the lifelong impact of ‘spanking’ on the child’s body, brain, and psyche.

Spare the Child Trailer from Solis Films on Vimeo.

In this screening and subsequent Q + A virtual dialogue you will hear from:

  • Joshua Overbay (MFA), the director of Spare the Child and creative producer at Justice Film Collective.
  • Andie Morgenlander, producer of Spare the Child and creative producer at Justice Film Collective.
  • Rev. Dr. Darrell L. Armstrong, D.Div. (Honorary), M.Div., Ed.S.-MFT, onscreen collaborator and producer of Spare the Child, Pastor at the historic Shiloh Baptist Church, and leader in the national/international welfare and family strengthening communities.
  • Destiny Biggs, onscreen collaborator in Spare the Child, Mother and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania community member.
  • Jess Overbay, onscreen collaborator in Spare the Child, artist and activist.

This session will be offered in English with Spanish translation.

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