​​Ending Violence to Children in the United States: Changing Social Norms About the Hitting of Children

Date: Oct 14, 2022
Time: 9 AM EST
Address: Online
Organizer: American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children-New York, National Initiative to End Corporal Punishment, The New York Foundling’s Vincent J. Fontana Center for Child Protection, New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children & Prevent

Changing mindsets to challenge the widespread acceptance of corporal punishment – violent forms of discipline – is crucial in eliminating the practice. With practitioners from diverse working backgrounds, this event will present solutions and host workshops on best practices to usher change in norms and beliefs. 

The sessions will cover: 

  • A workshop on No Hit Zones: low-cost, low-effort interventions to reduce the hitting of children in communities.
  • The “What Do I Tell My Clients/Parents About Corporal Punishment That Will Make a Difference?” workshop where an experienced Child Abuse Pediatrician and an experienced Child Psychologist will discuss common pitfalls and how to avoid them by using empathic language to advocate for the use of positive parenting rather than resorting to the use of physical discipline. 
  • A "Theological Examination of the Intersection of American Jurisprudence, Religion, and Corporal Punishment Workshop" which will apply a theological lens to examine the First Amendment clauses on religion and the raising of American children.
  •  And the "How to Talk About the Harms of Corporal Punishment with African-American Parents Workshop" to examine the ways in which corporal punishment is discussed and regarded in Black families and communities. It is designed to address the cultural attachment to physical discipline as an appropriate parenting tool. 

This will be followed by a Panel Discussion: Questions and Answers about the Corporal Punishment of Children.

You can learn more about the agenda and speakers here and sign-up using the button below.