Together to #ENDViolence Leaders’ Event will take place in June 2022

TT event

The End Violence Partnership is excited to announce that the Together to #ENDviolence Solutions Summit Leaders’ Event will take place in June 2022.

The Leaders’ Event will be the culmination of the Together to #ENDviolence campaign and Solutions Summit Series launched in December 2020. It will provide an important opportunity for the end violence community to come together, and a high-profile platform for leaders to make political and financial commitments to end violence against children. Highlights of the ongoing campaign include:

  • government-led, National Policy Dialogues in 21 End Violence Pathfinding countries;
  • 72 affiliate events convened by 80 partners to showcase solutions;
  • development of six policy proposals to support the end violence community to advocate with one voice; and
  • a powerful Leaders’ Statement promoting the policy proposals, endorsed by leaders from across continents and sectors.

Momentum will continue with more National Policy Dialogues, affiliate events and high-level advocacy planned in the run-up to the Leaders’ Event in June 2022.

Please look out for updates on the Leaders’ Event as we prepare for this exciting moment for the end violence community.