Resources to strengthen national prevention, response and support services


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To keep children safe online, governments and relevant agencies should:

  • Monitor COVID-19 impact on online Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (CSEA) and other forms of Violence against Children; collect data to inform policy development  

  • Enforce laws and legislations; ensure functioning Law Enforcement (LE) units; train key service providers (health, Child Protection, LE, education) on online risks, skills for early identification and support to child victims and their families, with a special focus on the most vulnerable groups of children 

  • Actively engage multiple stakeholders, including community and religious leaders, on violence prevention and response 

  • Track the improvement and accountability of all stakeholders  

In addition, media should spread key messages about online opportunities, risks, yearly identification and reporting mechanisms.


Specific to COVID-19  

Existing models and resources  


This collection is part of the End Violence Partnership's technical note, COVID-19 and its Implications for Protecting Children Online

Pictured above: 4-year-old Margo connects with her family over video chat. © UNICEF/UNI316261/Bajornas