New NetClean Report Released

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A child on a tablet.
Photo courtesy of NetClean.

NetClean just released a new report -- the fifth in its series -- about online child sexual exploitation and abuse. 

The aim of the report is to ensure greater awareness of and more insight into child sexual abuse crime; to contribute to effective ways of stopping the dissemination of child sexual abuse material; and, ultimately, to reduce sexual abuse of children.

This report includes data on a few key groups, including:

Law enforcement

This report includes data from 450 police officers from 41 countries, all of whom work on cases related to child sexual abuse. The officers were asked about the issue of live-streamed child sexual abuse, the profile of both victims and offenders, how child sexual abuse material is stored, the applications and platforms used for distribution of child sexual abuse material, and emerging trends, challenges and opportunities within the technology sector. 


The report also includes data from information technology and security professionals from 100 hundred businesses across the United States. These individuals were asked whether their businesses had corporate policies in place around handling child sexual abuse material within the company's information technology environment; whether the business had technologies in place to detect or block child sexual abuse material; whether their business had an action plan to deploy if such materials were found; and whether or not that material had been found in the past.

The report also includes an overview of technological resources available to businesses to help curb the production and sharing of child sexual abuse material.

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