Global Threat Assessment 2019 Released

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A child goes on internet.

Today, the Global Threat Assessment 2019 Report was released digitally and in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia by End Violence partner the WePROTECT Global Alliance. This report illustrates an alarming picture of the impact – and scale – of online child sexual exploitation and abuse. With more than 200,000 children going online for the first time every day, the discoveries of this report hold enormous implications for children, families and communities worldwide.

[The report's] purpose is to demonstrate the nature, scale and complexity of online child sexual exploitation in order to support a broad mobilisation – compelling nation states, the global technology industry and the third sector to find new ways of working together to combat this rapidly evolving threat.

Global Threat Assessment 2019

The Global Threat Assessment aims to raise further international awareness of this issue, provide a greater understanding of the threat and how it is evolving, showcase case studies of progress, and, critically, highlights 11 steps needed to tackle the threat.

The report was released during the WePROTECT Global Alliance Summit in Addis Ababa, where political leaders, international organisations, and subject-matter experts spoke out about online child sexual exploitation and abuse and its effects. This event follows the first and largest gathering of End Violence Partnership partners, which took place from 9-10 December in Addis Ababa, to discuss innovative solutions to prevent and respond to online sexual exploitation and abuse through the End Violence Fund. 

As we move towards 100% internet coverage globally, the scale and impact of the threat grows exponentially. With 200,000 children going online for the first time ever day, the window for greater coordinated action to keep children safe online is closing quickly.

Dr Howard Taylor, End Violence Executive Director and WePROTECT board member