End Violence's Knowledge Platform


End Violence's Knowledge Platform is a place to explore the latest evidence, research and data critical to ending all forms of violence against children. All of the content on this live, regularly updated page has been selected for its rigour and contribution to the field of violence prevention. 

The platform is divided into key sections, including Evidence for Policy, Evidence for Programmes, Resources, and Learn from our Partners, along with external knowledge platforms, otherwise known as Partner Resource Hubs. More on each of these sections can be found below.

Evidence for Policy

Good policy for children should be based on, or informed by, rigorously established and objective evidence. Our Evidence for Policy section is proof that new knowledge, information, and innovations are being generated regularly. In order to keep our policymakers and senior leaders up-to-date, in this section we are selecting pieces that we feel will resonate with those in charge of determining the political (and ultimately practical) landscape across the world. Where documents are long, users may want to pull out sections and highlight the most significant measures. Use these as your advocacy tools.

Evidence for Programmes

Using evidence-based violence prevention models such as the INSPIRE: Seven Strategies to End Violence Against Children and other models like the WeProtect Model National Response, as our guide, in this section, we feature inspiring evidence-based practice across the seven strategies and highlight some of the more innovative work in the field. These pieces include easy-to-read overviews for policymakers and practitioners. Where possible, we will link readers to the scientific publications or evaluation reports for those interested in the scientific process of inquiry used to measure impact.

Tools & Resources

The field of violence prevention is growing in unprecedented ways, and understanding how to approach that work can be overwhelming. In this section, we will provide some of the field’s best tools and resources around a particular subject area. These resources are designed to help a variety of stakeholders navigate choices and choose approaches that are the best fit for their national context.

Learn from our Partners

The true engines of change in the field of violence prevention are the front-line national civil society organisations and non-governmental organisations committed to ending violence. On the Knowledge Platform, we celebrate the work of our partners in the field. Learn more about the history and work of these organisations and read about how they have contributed to change through exciting case studies, reports and publications.

Nominate an organisation to feature on the Knowledge Platform
End Violence selects feature organisations by scanning diverse networks and sources. We welcome nominations for organisation to feature on the Knowledge Platform. Please email us at secretariat@end-violence.org with a brief note on why an organisation should be featured.

Some criteria to consider:

  • National civil society organisations or non-governmental organisations, along with international collaboratives, can be nominated, but we will need to speak to nationals in the field to feature the organisation's work
  • Highlighted solutions (programmes, advocacy, etc. should be based on solid violence against children prevention, including those aligning with INSPIRE
  • Programmes must be able to show evidence-based effectiveness
  • Pathfinding countries preferred

We reserve the right to accept or reject nominations.

Partner Resource Hubs

Across the world, partners from the End Violence community and producing and collating high-quality data, evidence and research. In this section, End Violence has featured a select number of our partners’ knowledge platforms, all of which are rich with content, resources and materials to end violence against children. Explore these hubs to continue learning.

Access the Knowledge Platform and check back regularly for updates. 

The Knowledge Platform was first developed by the End Violence Lab, a collaboration between End Violence and The University of Edinburgh. Learn more.