Cyber Safe Spaces Project in the Philippines comes to a close


Awardees pose for a photo.
Three project participants receive Cyber Talino Plaques of Recognition for keeping children safe from online exploitation and abuse.

On 7 August 2020, Cyber Talino Awards were given to communities, computer shops, guardians and young people involved in an End Violence-funded project in Manila and Quezon City, Philippines. This event was part of the Cyber Safe Spaces National Learning Conference, an online celebration of the good practices and lessons learned from the three-year End Violence-supported project, Cyber Safe Spaces for Children and Youth.

“Under the Cyber Safe Spaces project, cyber guardians such as parents, caregivers, community leaders, teachers and law enforcers took on the complex role and accepted the difficult challenge to be the first protectors of children and young people in the virtual world,” said Trang Ho Morton, End Violence's Fund Portfolio Manager.

This project, which was implemented by Plan International in the Philippines, engaged with over 17,000 children and young people through digital safety awareness sessions. Nearly 130,000 adults were reached through awareness-raising materials and workshops, increasing their ability to protect children online. And, nearly 1,400 internet operators were oriented on child online safety risks and related local and national policies.

Of these, 1,170 operators signed the code of conduct which further safeguards children and young people when using computer rental shops. This new awareness and the new codes of conduct will last far beyond the project’s timeline, facilitating a safer online experience for years to come.

Through this project, I learned about the importance of protecting youth and students when they use the internet.

Cecil Millang, a parent and computer shop operator in Quezon City

Importantly, the project also supported 227 survivors of online sexual exploitation with age-specialised, survivor-focused investigation, healing, and other recovery support services.

"This project does not end here," said Angelica, a 20-year-old Cyber Safe Spaces Youth Group member. "With the number of youth the project has helped, honed and trained, I am certain that we can further advance this advocacy to keep rescuing young people who are victims of online abuse."

Learn more about this initiative by hearing from Sheila Estabillo, the project manager for Cyber Safe Spaces in the Philippines.


This project is one of 38 supported by the End Violence Fund’s Safe Online window. Since 2016, we have invested $34 million into projects focused on preventing and eliminating child sexual exploitation and abuse with impact in over 50 countries.

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