Child Participation through the End Violence Fund


Children in Bangladesh smile.

Ensuring child participation in combatting online child sexual exploitation and abuse

Grantee partners across the world work to ensure that children have opportunities to share their experiences and express their opinions, and that these are considered by relevant stakeholders so that policies and programming can be informed by real life practices.   

Recent highlights in this area include:

  • UNICEF Uganda conducted a U-Report poll on child online safety reaching 4,057 child and youth participants between 15-24 years old. Sixty-one per cent of respondents said that online abuse between young people happens mostly on social media, and 40 per cent said that they had been a victim of online violence or cyber-bullying. The findings were shared with the Government and used to inform advocacy efforts.  
  • More than 100 children and adolescents became digital activists as part of a program implemented by Save the Children Peru. They have been actively promoting awareness through communication campaigns reaching 4,800 children and young people, in addition to pursuing dialogue with authorities. As a result of these efforts, 23 authorities of Leoncio Prado province signed a commitment to prioritise online CSEA.