2019 Open Call: Request for Expressions of Interest

The End Violence Fund is requesting Expressions of Interest focused on solutions that leverage existing and new technologies to prevent and combat online child sexual exploitation and abuse. Total funds to be awarded through this open call is approximately US$13 million. *

The Fund will explore scaling/adapting existing solutions and developing new technologies, using tools such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, blockchain, virtual reality and other innovative solutions that have the potential to enhance detection and response to online child sexual exploitation and abuse and prevent known and emerging threats.

* The total amount to be awarded will depend on the quality and volume of received applications i.e. the Fund may decide to slightly increase or lower the amount if specific opportunities arise or as a result of the initial assessment of applications.

To submit your expression of interest, please read the information below, check your eligibility, and apply by clicking here.

We are looking for solutions that can help achieve one or more of the four objectives below:

(1) Detect, remove and report images and videos with sexual content or acts involving children and adolescents (often referred to as child sexual abuse material, or CSAM).

(2) Block adults’ access to children on digital platforms intended to sexually abuse them (usually referred to as online sexual grooming or solicitation).

(3) Stop live-streaming of child sexual abuse performed in front of a camera (usually referred to as live-streaming of child sexual abuse material).

(4) Prevent online sexual abuse of children before it happens, including prevention and solutions that directly target online child sex offenders and adults with a sexual interest in children.

Vietnam World Vision
Students in Vietnam pose for a photograph while attending the Da Nang Social Work Conference in March 2019. This conference was supported by the End Violence Fund as part of World Vision Vietnam's Tackling Online Child Sexual Exploitation Project. Photo credit: World Vision Vietnam 2019


The End Violence 2019 open call funding will be available through two modalities: (a) project grants and (b) equity-free seed investments. *

As in previous years, we will actively seek applications from civil society organisations, non-governmental organisations, international organisations, research institutes and academic institutions for the grant portion of this funding. In addition, for the first time in the Fund's history, we will identify a small cohort of technology companies working on solutions for the prevention of online child sexual exploitation and abuse for our equity-free seed investments. 

Please note that most of the available funds (approximately US$10 million) aim to support solutions which will benefit countries eligible for ODA support. The remaining funds (approximately US$3 million) are not subject to this restriction and can support work in non-ODA countries.


* The End Violence Fund does not seek a financial return, nor does it take equity in your company. Instead, it requires that all code, content or hardware developed and tested be open-source and publicly available. Occasional exceptions to the open-source rule will be considered if justified by the nature and/or sensitivity of the proposed solution. Also, the Fund does not support the creation of new business lines for private companies. The Fund provides seed funds to support the development of solutions to the stage where these are proven to be workable and can be implemented and/or scaled.

Step 1: Check that your organisation/company and project meet the eligibility criteria

Check the eligibility criteria and ensure:

  • Your organisation is legally registered
  • The proposed solution addresses one or more of the four objectives of the 2019 Funding Round
  • Your organisation has a safeguarding policy in place (and associated procedures, including data privacy) or is willing to develop a policy *
  • The proposed solution responds to a clear need/gap, does not duplicate existing tools, and builds upon and/or interacts with existing solutions
  • At a minimum, you have an existing prototype with promising results from initial pilots

* The Partnership is committed to supporting organisations to improve their safeguarding capacity and practice. As part of this, we will ask all grantees to complete the Grantee Self-assessment, which can be found on the materials sidebar. While this is not required as part of your expression of interest, please note all shortlisted organisations and companies will be expected to complete this as part of the proposal. Organisations who submit a full proposal will also be allowed to include a budget line for safeguarding work. 

Step 2: Read the Request for Expressions of Interest document (REOI)

Please read the full Request for Expression of Interest document to understand the submission process and learn more about kinds of projects that qualify and how the scoring will be done. It will help you focus on what’s important.

Step 3: Any Questions?

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions on the materials sidebar of this site. You can also submit questions that you may have through this form.

Step 4: Submit your expression of interest

Submit your expression of interest by completing the form.

All submissions must be made in English. If you wish to preview the questions to prepare your submission, view and download this PDF. 

Please note that we will only accept applications that will be entered in the online form.

To support your preparation, please note that the submission form also asks for a link to a two-minute pitch video. Detailed instructions can be found in the application form.

All submissions must be made in English. We encourage you to submit your application when ready as we will be reviewing on an ongoing basis. However, the last day for submissions of expressions of interest is 15 January 2020.

Only shortlisted organisations/companies will be contacted and invited to submit a detailed proposal.

The below questions were submitted by applicants and potential applicants through the open call's FAQ form. Please check back for updates and feel free to reach out through the form for additional questions. 

Q: Are UN agencies eligible to apply?
A: Yes. We encourage you to consult internally at your agency to determine whether other departments will also submit, and whether a joint application would therefore be preferable.

Q: I would like to know if there's a deadline for submitting the grantee self-assessment? We're interested in pursuing this call, but we want to make sure that we are following all salient steps before submitting formally on or before December 6.
A: There is no need to submit the Grantee Self-Assessment at the Expression of Interest stage. It was shared so that applicants could understand what would be required of shortlisted organisations and companies since they will be expected to complete this as part of the full proposal.

Q: We are a consortium that consists of several child-focused organisations and are interested in applying for this opportunity. One organisation will act as the lead and others as members of the consortium. Are we allowed to partner with other organisations (outside the consortium) that can support the technology system?
A: Yes, this is possible. We advise you to explain clearly in the Expression of Interest how the partnership would work, and the expertise and role of the additional partner in relation to the technology solution being proposed.

Q: We are a consortium of six child-focused NGOs and are interested in applying for this opportunity. One NGO will be the lead. Is it possible to partner with other NGOs or private sector groups who have the technology prototype?
A: Yes, this is possible. We advise you to explain clearly in the Expression of Interest how the partnership would work, and the expertise and role of the additional partner in relation to the technology solution being proposed.

Q: Do you require a full budget for the EoI or just an estimated total? If a full budget estimate is required, is there a specific budget format to follow? Is it correctly understood that no log frame is required at this stage?
A: No. A full budget and logical framework with a template will be shared should your organisation be shortlisted to submit a full proposal.

Q: Will advocacy efforts towards the adoption of existing tech solutions qualify under this call?
A: This Call for EoIs is specifically focused on technology as a fundamental part of the solution to online CSEA. Since the focus is on roll-out and scale up of existing technologies, it does allow for initiatives combining technology solutions with implementation, which both require careful contextualization and associated capacity building and advocacy. However, submissions focused only on the capacity building and/or advocacy will not meet the core criteria laid out in the Call.

Q: My organization is a non-profit that provides offline helplines. I do not think we are ready yet with a working prototype. Can we apply later or next year? is there a deadline or application?  A: The final date to submit an EoI is 6 December 2019. If you are not ready to apply through this Funding Round, we recommend you to revisit our website periodically to see when another Funding Round is active and apply if your proposal meets the criteria as specified.

Q: Does the planned contribution for the grant have to be monetary? Or can it be a valued contribution?
A: The Fund intends to award financial grants to organisations that are selected.

Children in the Philippines use their phones.

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