New York, 14 April 2017 - Fifteen national and transnational projects working to end online sexual exploitation and abuse of children have been awarded grants following the first call for proposals from the Global Fund to End Violence Against Children (the Fund).

Although children have long been exposed to violence and exploitation, the internet and new technologies have changed the opportunity, scale, form and impact of the abuse of young people everywhere. Globally, children face new dangers that are often poorly understood by policymakers and the public, and online sexual exploitation and abuse is one of the most urgent of these emerging risks.

Supported by a £40 million challenge grant over five years from the United Kingdom, and in partnership with the WePROTECT Global Alliance to End Violence Against Children, the Fund received more than 250 submissions from every region of the world, highlighting the global scope of the challenge.

The funded projects will build capacity of child protective services and law enforcement to ensure that victims receive quality support services, and educate children, families, teachers and other caregivers to better identify and protect children from online risks.

The 15 projects were selected through an independent and evidence-based review process.  A comprehensive description of the review process and criteria for selection is available online.

The first grantees of the Global Fund to End Violence Against are listed below:

Country Project name Grantee
Albania Safer and Better Internet for Children and Youth in Albania UNICEF Country Office
Colombia Fortalecimiento de capacidades para la protección de la niñez frente a la explotación sexual en línea en Colombia  Corporación Colombiana de Padres y Madres- Red PaPaz-
Costa Rica Costa Rica says NO to online child sexual exploitation and abuse PANIAMOR Foundation
Jordan Targeting online sexual exploitation of children in Jordan UNICEF Country Office
Mexico  Effective legal representation of child victims of online sexual exploitation Oficina de defensoria de los derechos de la infancia a.c.
Namibia End Violence - Tackling Online Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse in Namibia UNICEF Country Office
Peru Colaboración intersectorial e interdisciplinario para prevenir y responder a la realidad de la ESNNA en línea en Perú Capital Humano y Social - CHS Alternativo
Peru Combatiendo la explotación y el abuso sexual contra niños, niñas y adolescentes en entonos virtuales del Perú Save the Children Sweden
The Philippines  Ending online sexual exploitation of children in Cebu, Philippines International Justice Mission
The Philippines  Cyber-Safe Spaces for Children and Youth in the cities of Manila and Quezon City Plan International UK
Uganda Children in Uganda are Safe Online UNICEF Country Office
Vietnam  Swipe Safe: Helping Young People Make the Most of the Online World ChildFund Australia
Transnational–Asia  Strategic Response to Online Child Sexual Exploitation (OCSE) South Asia Initiative to End Violence Against Children – SAIEVAC
Transnational–Asia  Strengthening regional commitment and collaboration to end online CSEA in East Asia and the Pacific UNICEF Regional Office East Asia/ Pacific
Transnational–Asia & Africa IWF Reporting Portal Project for 30 Least Developed Countries Internet Watch Foundation (IWF)