Pathfinder Roadmap - Sweden



The Swedish Government's  ambition is to promote and implement the vision and the goals of the Global Partnership. As a Pathfinder country, Sweden will undertake both strategic and immediate measures against exploitation and violence against children in three particular areas:


1.    To increase knowledge on violence against children including information developed especially for and by children


2.    Develop and invest in the social protection system for children


3.    A roadmap to protect children from human trafficking, exploitation and sexual abuse


Proposed measures of the Roadmap are:

  • No children to be the victims of human trafficking.
  • No children to be the victims of sexual abuse or exploitation, either in Sweden or through travel and tourism.
  • All children victims of human trafficking, sexual abuse or exploitation to receive the protection and support they need.
  • Promoting children’s awareness of their right to protection and giving them knowledge to counteract their vulnerability.
  • Enhancing the protection of children in situations in which children can be particularly vulnerable.


Sweden will achieve these goals by increasing the efficiency and coordination of the government agencies affected; develop the knowledge and skills in these areas as well as to prevent and prosecute crimes against children and, finally, give children appropriate support when they need it.

End Violence Against Children

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