Pathfinder Roadmap - Sri Lanka



The National Partnership to End Violence Against Children (NPEVAC) in Sri Lanka, was launched on July 2, 2017 as part of a bold, new collaborative partnership between the government, UN agencies, international organizations, civil society, faith groups, the private sector, the media, children  and other key stakeholders.


Proposed measures of the Roadmap are:


  • a study to identify the drivers of violence against girls and boys in Sri Lanka and generate disaggregated data on the prevalence, trends and contexts of violence;
  • actions to end sexual violence against girls and boys in line with local and global evidence along with clearly defined targets for all partners to work towards;
  • addressing physical and humiliating punishment in family, school and institutional settings including building the capacity of parents, teachers and caregivers to adopt positive discipline practices; prohibiting corporal punishment by law; and increasing support for them to manage stress and conflict without violence;
  • finalization of the Draft National Policy for Child Protection; convene Grassroots Learning Forums to generate learning from the collective experience of frontline workers, other stakeholders and children; explore pathways to work with the Private Sector; support the necessary amendments to the Children (Judicial Protection) Bill and advocate for its finalization and enactment.

End Violence Against Children

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