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Adverse Childhood Experiences

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The Good School Toolkit

The Good School Toolkit, an innovative program used in Ugandan primary schools has succeeded in reducing physical violence by teachers against children by 42%, Raising Voices can announce.

According to new research published in The Lancet Global Health, the Good School Toolkit has demonstrated ability to significantly reduce violence against children by almost half in just 18 months. 


 What does it take to prevent violence against women? For us, SASA! is part of the answer. It is uniquely designed to address a core driver of violence against women and HIV: the imbalance of power between women and men, girls and boys. Documented in a comprehensive and easy-to-use Activist Kit, SASA! inspires and enables communities to rethink and reshape social norms.


INFANT, and the organizations that it works with have a history of successfully advocating to government for the inclusion of children’s rights in national policy. They have also worked to change public norms surrounding the acceptability of corporal punishment, and child safety.


CIYOTA is a volunteer based non-profit focusing on education, leadership, and non-violence. We see education as a means to empower youth to become socially responsible leaders and entrepreneurs and a necessity to create change within their communities and across Africa. CIYOTA's programs include an innovative nursery and primary school in Kyangwali, a Youth Hostel Program in a nearby town allowing over 100 students to attend secondary school, a peace program in the Eastern DRC, conferences and workshops on leadership and non-violence, and other projects and programs operated by various branches.

Cure Violence

Cure Violence stops the spread of violence in communities by using the methods and strategies associated with disease control – detecting and interrupting conflicts, identifying and treating the highest risk individuals, and changing social norms. Learn more at

CCR Tanzania

UNICEF, Save the Children and CCR Tanzania asked 12,270 Tanzanians about violence against women and children. Here are some of their responses and recommendations to the Tanzanian government. 

Intersections: Putting Children at the Centre of the Global Goals

Preventing violence against girls and boys has not typically been at the top of the global political priority list. We're now learning that by investing in keeping children safe, we can increase the impact of investments made on achieving other goals like ending poverty, ensuring inclusive and quality education opportunities, ensuring healthy lives, and promoting well-being at all ages. 

BØRNEfonden(Children & Youth Foundation): How old is old enough?

In order to raise awareness about child marriages in Mali, we put danish fathers in a tough situation that no one should experience. We got a 30 year old actor to ask permission to marry their 13 year old daughters.

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Violence can Mark Children Forever

Tattoos are marks that often represent special memories, but millions of children bear marks they have not chosen - and that will last a lifetime. Violence against children is not inevitable. It is possible to break the cycle of violence against boys and girls. Learn more here:

End Violence Against Children

The Global Partnership and Fund

End Violence Against Children

The Global Partnership