End Violence Against Children

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Indonesia: Children Discuss Ideas for Ending Violence Against Them with Members of Parliament 

On 21 December 2016, Save the Children Indonesia invited 16 children between 10-17 years of age to share their ideas and recommendations on ending violence against all children with two Members of the Indonesian Parliament (MPs) who are also members of the national Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) task force.


Children's Recommendations

Children were able to share their thoughts and ideas in smaller groups and discuss their recommendations with the MPs afterwards. Some of the ideas were an improvement and enhanced enforcement of the existing Child Protection Law to keep children safe. They also suggested to improve the protection of children that experienced violence through, e.g. the creation of a one-door service for the handling of cases of violence.


The children felt very strongly about the relevance of creating spaces for children where they can have their voice be heard. They mentioned that they supported 'Children Groups', a place where children can engage in different activities, as a positive example of an initiative to end violence against them.



Responses to the Recommendations

The MPs were highly appreciative of the ideas and recommendations the children shared with them. MPs encouraged the children to become champions to end violence against them by raising their voices and discussing the issue with their peers.


Furthermore, the MPs suggested the children should meet with their local government officials for actions to be taken on the local level. All of the children’s recommendation have been submitted to the MPs and will be shared with the respective commissions and ministries. The Chief of the SDGs task force will disseminate the children's recommendations to the other SDGs task force members.