End Violence Against Children

The Global Partnership and Fund

Special issue of the Journal of Psychology, Health and Medicine

A special issue of the Journal of Psychology, Health and Medicine is now out, featuring 15 papers commissioned by Know Violence in Childhood: A Global Learning Initiative.


The papers are written by leading researchers from diverse disciplines and countries. They address a range of issues that point to the complexity of violence experienced by children across the world – as well as evidence of strategies that are beginning to demonstrate effective ways to prevent violence. They make a strong case for policies and investments that can end violence in childhood. This is necessary to protect the human rights of children and greatly increase their potential to enjoy childhood and enhance their capabilities.


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Papers in this special edition are listed below:


Editorial: Ending violence in childhood: a global imperative

A. K. Shiva Kumar, Vivien Stern, Ramya Subrahmanian, Lorraine Sherr, Patrick Burton, Nancy Guerra, Robert Muggah, Maureen Samms-Vaughan, Charlotte Watts and Soumya Kapoor Mehta


What explains childhood violence? Micro correlates from VACS surveys

Shamika Ravi and Rahul Ahluwalia


Child violence experiences in institutionalised/orphanage care 

Lorraine Sherr, Kathryn J. Roberts and Natasha Gandhi


The impact of humanitarian emergencies on the prevalence of violence againstchildren: an evidence-based ecological framework 

Beth L. Rubenstein and Lindsay Stark


The impact of polyvictimisation on children in LMICs: the case of Jamaica 

Maureen Samms-Vaughan and Michael Lambert


The frequency and predictors of poly-victimisation of South African children andthe role of schools in its prevention 

Lezanne Leoschut and Zuhayr Kafaar


Disclosure of physical, emotional and sexual child abuse, help-seeking and accessto abuse response services in two South African Provinces 

Franziska Meinck, Lucie Cluver, Heidi Loening-Voysey, Rachel Bray, Jenny Doubt,Marisa Casale and Lorraine Sherr


Temporal patterns and predictors of bullying roles among adolescents inVietnam: a school-based cohort study 

Ha Thi Hai Le, Michael P. Dunne, Marilyn A. Campbell, Michelle L. Gatton,Huong Thanh Nguyen and Nam T. Tran

P. S. Lilleston, L. Goldmann, R. K. Verma and J. McCleary-Sills


Understanding social norms and violence in childhood: theoretical underpinningsand strategies for intervention 

Loraine J. Bacchus, Manuela Colombini, Manuel Contreras Urbina, Emma Howarth, Frances Gardner,Jeannie Annan, Kim Ashburn, Bernadette Madrid, Ruti Levtov and Charlotte Watts


The prevention of violence in childhood through parenting programmes: a global review 

Charlene Coore Desai, Jody-Ann Reece and Sydonnie Shakespeare-Pellington


What do we know about preventing school violence? A systematic review of systematic reviews 

Soraya Lester, Cayleigh Lawrence and Catherine L. Ward


School corporal punishment in global perspective: prevalence, outcomes, and efforts atintervention 

Elizabeth T. Gershoff


Bullying in schools: the state of knowledge and effective interventions 

Ersilia Menesini and Christina Salmivalli


Violence and alternative care: a rapid review of the evidence

Isabelle Brodie and Jenny Pearce


Towards a framework for preventing community violence among youth

Thomas P. Abt